Friday, March 4, 2011

Emma's 2010 Birthday- June 1

Good morning to you, birthday girl. Good morning to you! We ate breakfast together and I made teddy bear pancakes for her birthday. She thought they were pretty nifty.

I can't even believe that my baby girl is 2 years old today!

Teddy Bear pancakes with raisins for eyes, nose and mouth. YUM!

Cheesin' with Daddy.

Emma helped make her own birthday cupcakes: white cupcakes with strawberry frosting. We chose the color/flavors based on her love of pink right now, not that she actually LIKES strawberry flavoring..... She ate one today and that was it! The rest got dumped. She is a chocolate girl!!

Lickin' the utensils is THE BEST!!!

Having a LOT of fun this morning!!! Frosting cupcakes, licking frosting.... (Grrr.... I somehow deleted 2 more cupcake making pictures AND the one of her eating it after dinner!! and the only way to add it back in is at the very top!!)

Ahhhh!! Now it is time for presents! She got to open a few today, as it is her birthday and the rest was saved for her party.

Talking about her age and that she was now 2 years old like the card said.

New jammies from Grammy & Gramps. "I am NOT sleepy" it says on the front. :-)

Presents from England: from Aunt Sarah, Uncle Richard and her cousins Brandon and Hayden.

She LOVES this book! (Still at almost 3. I was posting these pics and she saw this one and took off for her room. Returning with the book in hand. Showed the screen the book, like she was comparing them.)

Each page has a peekaboo flap to raise in order to see the child's face, and the the last page has a mirror to see your own face. CUTE! CUTE!

What could this be????

A rain jacket from Auntie Sarah. It is the beginning of our rainy season, wonder if she'll get to use it much??? (Later on I found her some pink rain boots at a yard sale)

Trying out her new markers and art paper from Mommy & Daddy. Using that left hand!! What a smarty she is! :-)

Happy Birthday Emma Rose!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

May 2010 Goings On:

Here we are kicking of May with National Scrapbook Day. We decided this year to just have our own little gathering. Mom was working on pages from the grandkids visit.

Stephanie and I were both working on our daughter's first year. (somehow there is no picture of me)
We went to Rancho Chico's in Jupitor for our lunch. YUM!! You can't see it, but my shirt says "Dear Lord, when my memory goes please help me find my scrapbooks".

I'm looking back at my Excel spreadsheet and I'm not sure if this was a CVS or Walgreens purchase.... Both were the same day, but one was an 86% savings and the other was a 96%... either way it was some super good couponing work there!!

Those eyes!! She has such long eyelashes and pretty blue color to her eyes! Some pictures show it more than others, but oh my!!!

We ordered this photo book online and got it for FREE. Saved it for Martin's Christmas gift from Emma and she LOVES IT!! She adores looking at all the pictures of her and Daddy. (still in Feb. 2011 she loves to pull it off the shelf and look thru it about every other week)

Happy Mother's Day! Martin & Emma made breakfast and set the table. He made homemade blueberry waffles, bacon & eggs. Quite yummy!

After church we took quite a few pictures out in our back yard (or garden, as the English would say), hoping to get some great shots.... Yeah this is not exactly what I was going for.... :-)

a little more like it...

These will make some great scrapbook pages!!

Checkin' out the flowers. These look pretty in the daylight, but as the sun goes down they shrivel up and new ones bloom the next day.

There are usually lots of bees buzzing around these 2 plants. Glad they aren't here this morning.

This Sunday she wasn't just content to just wear Mommy's shoes, but she had to try Daddy's out as well.
Mommy's have heels to figure out, but are much lighter and she realized that quickly!

One of the 2 beautiful Bougainvillea bushes on our back garden. They have such gorgeous flowers, but such lethal thorns. We've always wanted to remove them and replace with something else, but...
One of the turtles that live in the canal behind our property had come up into our yard, close to our back porch, and had begun digging a nest and laying eggs. Martin took quite a few pictures.

I think it looked like a Red Eared slider (had 2 of them at preschool) but he thought it was a different breed. We got a rough estimate for the egg waiting time, but...

The "nest"... Martin covered it with a milk crate and used 2 sticks to peg it down, hoping to keep critters from finding it, but yet allow the rain and sun to get to it. But, we still never saw any results from the egg laying.

Here are the girls in front of the Downtown Cheesecake Factory. We met up there for dinner with Nana & Papaw.

Think Emma loves her cousin Halie?? :-)

I ordered Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp, but when it arrived it looked so yummy that I forgot to take my picture until I was half way thru and ready for a take home box... all that creamy & spicy coconut goodness.... (smacking lips as I type)

Mom decided to wait until midway between our 2 anniversaries and take us out to eat together someplace nicer. We both chose Cheesecake Factory, of course! :-)

Silly munchkin!! Her first time having a corn dog... NOT impressed. But, she like her fries and chocolate milk. :-)

Nana & Papaw took the girls home with them and put them to bed, so that we could stay there in Downtown and go to the movies. We had a fun time together. Saw a flick and then went back to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. Sat out on the patio this time.

The Cantrell Anniversary lovebirds (June 1)

Robert & Stephanie's choice was their Anniversary Cheesecake. (we ate there again when Chris came to visit and we shared a pc. of it then. YUM!!)

Haven't a clue what our choice was called (too long ago now), but it was yummy! Is there a bad choice at The Cheesecake Factory???

The Lovejoy anniversary Lovebirds (April 16th)

There were no other "event" pictures taken with these, so I guess it was just because she was so thrilled with her corn! She does love her corn on the cob!

Tah dah! Check out that cob... She ate it all!

Wearing another of her cute spring dresses. This one was passed on from Halie, I believe.

My friend Chris (Topher) from high school came to visit for a week; to see us, to vacation where it was warm, and to learn to Xtreme coupon. We were stuck at home most days, but today Aunt Ruth came and played taxi. We went to Hurricane Wings for lunch, then to the beach...

Enjoying the beach a bit.

Chris bought her an ice cream bar and it was hot and humid... and she loved it, but it was so MESSY!

She was a gooey mess when she was done!! She loved every minute of it!!!

Posing at the Shell Shop in Port St. Lucie. We took our family Christmas card photo here last year. Stopped by to take pictures today and get some souvenirs for Chris to take home with him. We had a nice mini vacation this week with Chris visiting.

It was SOOOOOO hot, we all wanted to jump in! Lucky girlie o's!! This was the biggest pool Emma had been in at this point. She kept trying to sit, but just floated. A bit scary to her, so she just stood for most of the time.

Come on, Nana... hop in!! (hee hee) She splashed and tossed the ball with the girls.

Gotta play some Corn Hole!! I think we all have a set now, except Dad. Such a fun outdoor game!

The crazy dogs got to play, as well. The guys took turns flinging the ball for crazy Q Tip.

(Emma loved Halie's bubble mower so much that she got one for her birthday a few days later.)

Stephanie's shucking that corn, getting ready for dinner. (She is quite prego here with Baby Burl)

What a gorgeous view! This is the pasture next to Stephanie's home, with 2 of Robert's horses and others.

Emma was just enthralled with the horses. She loved feeding the carrots. (She still remembers this too -Feb. 2011)

This is so cute with the girls climbing the fence to watch Uncle Robert/Daddy feed the horses, but the suspicious wet spot on Emma is not so cute...

Aren't they just the cutest things?? Or what? Cousins and friends.

Eating some yummy Memorial Day food! Emma is used to sitting in a high chair still, so this freedom was almost too much. She DOES love her corn on the cob!

We love playing games, and any holiday is an excuse to pull out some new ones or some old faves.

Stephanie's purty cake. The seeds are mini chocolate chips. :-)